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If one person take responsibility of one person each – there will be more happiness in the world out there ‘We at Sharanam have initiated our support by providing basic necessities to the villagers in India . We plan to offer support to a larger number of people through our various campaigns.Sharnam Foundation was born in the year 2019 , in order to achieve model villages in India with sustainable living . We believe that every Human must have the identical opportunity to achieve better livelihood , no matter the circumstances they were born into.However,For a fact many children under 5 in India are malnourished*, a large number of women of reproductive age suffer from anemia*, millions of children still don’t attend school and employed in various kinds of child labor,* 350 million Indians still face the burden of open defecation because of lack of access to sanitation facilities,* and shut to 18,000 villages in India still don’t have storage facilities for water.We at Sharnam, aspire to vary this inequality and arrange to nurture the agricultural villages of the country with basic education and meals in schools , sanitation , skill development , women empowerment etc.We try this by bringing together the people and organisations that want to relinquish and also the organizations that job to form a difference.We also aim to support Indian culture, arts, music and literature through various events and fundraisers for these villages.An intervention at the correct time, like educating one generation or providing livelihood to extend income can help families break the cycle of generational poverty.

our aspirations

Women empowerment

“An Independent woman is the biggest asset for any economy “ We at “Sharanam Foundation “strongly believe that Women's economic empowerment is biggest gift  for women to enjoy their right to live with dignity and benefit from the resources, assets, income and their own time, as well as the ability to manage risk and improve their economic status and well being We believe and dream to make an environment  to establish gender quilting , where everyone has equal rights and opportunities to grow.

Basic Education

Basic Education- Is the biggest right of every child . We aim to attain innovative and quality education with proper training to the teachers for underprivileged children of rural india. It's a progressive movement to provide these students with basic school facilities, equipment and environment..

Skill Development

in light of the global economy scenario and employment scarcity , Skills are  essential for improving self- dependence and livelihood opportunities, reducing poverty, enhancing productivity and promoting sustainable development.Awareness about modern techniques and empowering people with new skills to become financially independent.


Globally, billions of individuals don't have access to improved sanitation and  basic hygiene practices. Poor hand washing practices and limited access to sanitation facilities perpetuate the transmission of disease-causing several deaths. The objectives of Sharnam are clear to make people aware of basic hygiene practice among the rural population and to assess the improvement in rural areas after health education intervention.

About Trustee

Smita GLK Parikh

Director Lit-o-fest

“if each one of us starts believing in giving back to the society – in any possibilities capability they have – the idea of bridging the gap between the privileged and underprivileged can be achieved’’

Neeraj Sharma

Founder Artist Talent Management and BrandFuelz pvt ltd

“Great minds don’t embark on to be leaders. They embarked on to form a difference. It’s never about the role, it’s always about the goal and my goal is to assist people who are deprived of what i’ve got today.”

Our mission

During the year 2020-21 the target is to host charity events , fundraisers , culture festivals events in India and abroad to raise suport and facilities for rural villages.

Our Work so far

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